One Liner Wednesday- Path to Leadership

“Build your reputation by helping other people build theirs.” Anthony J. D’Angelo A Lesson in Leadership #1 This is exactly how I swiftly made my way up the corporate ladder myself. Even if you are a sales associate just starting out, challenge yourself to make this your mantra this week (whatever week this is you… Read More

The Downfall of a “School Marm” Pt. 4

When I was promoted to District Manager (not by my choice), my district seemed to constantly change, our DSO would call and say “<insert store here> is struggling, no one has seemed to make them work in <#> years, I’m going to just move them over to you.”  I will say it required much traveling… Read More

7 Signs of a Great Retail Employee

Originally posted on Retail Recalls:
1. They’re always happy You don’t look at them and think, “Man, they hate their job”. No, you make eye contact with them. They make eye contact with you. They smile so bright and greet you as if you are one of their best friends. 2. They acknowledge you as…