Dear Customers, We Want Your Feedback

Customer Complaints have dated back to the dawning of time, no seriously pictured above is a customer complaint about the poor quality of purchased copper, and the demand for a refund from 1750 BC.  Listening to the concerns and satisfaction of our customers is how a company gauges its ongoing training and keeps up with the… Read More

You’re a Sales Associate. Do You Know How Amazingly Important You Are?

You are the most vital gear in the entire build up of the company.  You and your sales team create the spirit squad for your company, with high energy and excitement for your product and what you do.  Without your amazing efforts your company would not be as prosperous as it is, your supervisors are… Read More

From the Mind of an Educator: Producing Potency

Here we tread down slippery ground, one of the most difficult aspects of management to juggle, particularly in retail. We must get to know our employees on a personal level without befriending them.  But we must understand who they are to inspire them and to motivate them.  We must know what they need us to communicate to them.  One… Read More

Communication Binders

What does one use communication binders for?  I thought to myself as my district manager lightly covered some tactics other successful managers do.  As a teacher I wanted to avoid the use of these binders considering the ideas I had to utilize them for were eerily close to the ideas that I had for my… Read More

Field Training

One of the beauties of customer service is that we have the rare opportunity to play both sides of the field at any given point of our day.  I once had a boyfriend who was also a store manager in my company (yes one of those forbidden and torrid long distance in work affairs) who… Read More