How do you Greet?

I walk into many shops throughout the days and I notice that everyone greets very differently.  Some ways really irk me, and some ways offer a pleasant surprise.  A greeting I feel should be a personal experience, connecting an associate, hostess, or any sort of representative of a company with a guest on a personal… Read More

A Lesson From A “School Marm” on Retail Management

I attribute my quick climb in retail to three key elements.  My obnoxious and infectious laugh my father left me with, my insane high standard for work ethic my mother raised me with(this also worked against me), and the unique perspective my Bachelors Degree released me with.  My concentration in college was not retail, business, finance,… Read More

Shopgirl Training: Rules and Regulations

Hello, and welcome, so glad to have you on the team.  Let’s just start out by going over a few of the policies, I want to make sure that we start out on the same page. 1.  You must maintain a satisfactory performance in daily task and goal achievement. 2. Do not ignore the customers,… Read More

Adjusting Your Customers to the Idea of Paying Full Price

The recession is coming to an end and it is time to make the shift of focus from promotions to raising that bottom line.  Just as discussed last Tuesday, change is inevitable and as the sales associate you are going to have to help customers with their frustrations as week long 40% promotions come to… Read More

Evolving your Sales Approach

“Everything is temporary”, this has been my mantra for the past several years.  Whether a situation is good or a situation is terrible, it will eventually end and a new situation will begin.  This rings true not only for our personal path but also in our careers. Sometimes I feel some company’s keep things too temporary,… Read More