The Case of the Blue Balls

Thursday nights were about preparing for the weekend, I wanted my store impeccable, and the biggest chore second to securing the Hookah count, was maintaining the massive inventory of Chinese Chi Balls.  Each with its own unique designs ranging from basic silver, to ornate golden knots on green, to crimson red Chinese symbols on a deep… Read More

Rolling Oaks Mall Shooting Reported Live On Twitter

Sunday January, 22nd at approximately 3:30 PM CST a live shooter emerged on mall property after a jewelry heist took a turn for the worst.  Though, it is difficult as to why someone would choose peak traffic hours on a Sunday afternoon to rob a Kay Jewelers in a public mall, it happened and the outcome was… Read More

Taking a Bite Out of Crime

February 2010 Thursday morning was not my average Thursday, much less day of any kind. The store was opened forty minutes late due to my (ex) employee’s failed attempts to contact anyone about her sudden sickness. I was alone, and thrown off guard when I had shown up early to work to find the lights out in… Read More

The Case of the Turquoise Wallet

The first store I worked was in a town that was a hub for a plethora of tiny farming communities that surrounded it.   When there was a school break, holiday, or just an extended weekend our mall was crowded with eager customers.  These customers were people who a trip to a mall was a real… Read More

What it Means to be Present in Your Store

It was my first Black Friday as store manager and I strolled into the shop around 1 or 2 in the afternoon.  I noticed a 17 year old pimple faced boy with a sideways cap cross my path as I made my way to the back room.  He was holding in one hand a mini… Read More