5 Exciting New Developments At IKEA

The world seems to have a love/hate relationship with IKEA…either you LOVE them or you HATE them.  Me personally?  I’m quite a fan of the fun and elaborate showroom.  Who doesn’t love great prices, unique embellishments and meatballs?! Easy Assemble/Disassemble Furniture The second biggest complaint I hear when discussing an IKEA avoider is the time… Read More

Do You Have Any Star Wars Drones In Stock?

December 22nd 2016 10:00am ::Phone Rings:: Amber: Hello, thank you for calling Brookstone this is Amber, how may I help you? Me: Hi Amber, I know only three days to Christmas in a town full of engineers that this is a shot in the dark, but do you happen to have any Star Wars drones… Read More

Robots, Bodysnatchers & Zombies; Retail Has Become One Cheesy Horror Flick

It is no secret, and truly is no joke, the retail trade is going through an unnerving evolution.  Slowly the jobs that were once so easily obtainable, and full of limitless opportunity for any average Joe (I’m living proof) may become more and more obscure. The thoughts of it are bone chilling, and I feel… Read More

The Pokemon Go Retail Revolution

A Look Back on the Biggest Trend of 2016 From the archives: July 18, 2016 Last year Pokemon celebrated their 20th birthday, and this year they are showing that they will not be forgotten for future generations with the release of Pokemon Go.  It has swept the nation, and Saturday launched globally.  It has taken… Read More

Who could be Kmart’s Unexpected Hero?

In 1888 Richard Warren Sears and Alvah C. Roebuck released their first catalog.  A catalog that would come to represent the great revolution of the American Dream for the next century.   A simple watch handler was able to provide affordable and available products to farmers in rural areas that did not have the option… Read More