Relaying the Importance of an Organized Stockroom

January 20, 2011 At Conclusion of Inventory: 12:15 a.m. I have had this scattered jumbled mess surrounding me. The backroom organized by employs in ways that seem to me to make no sense. The displays merchandised in a very cluttered or unorganized manner. No matter how I seem to communicate it there seems to be… Read More

Keeping Employee Confrontation Professional

Spring 2010 Michelle was my assistant, and she was a stellar one at that.  In my absence the store didn’t miss a beat and when I went onto pursue bigger better things she took over the store in my stead, successfully running it for years.  When I left my position as DM to raise my… Read More

Why Struggling Employee’s should Speak Out!

When I interviewed Chris he had the look of a person who was genuine and friendly.  He had an inviting smile that customers would melt for, and I knew he had the job before even asking my first question.  His answers were confident and he spoke highly of his achievements at past employment, jobs that most people… Read More

When Communication is Blocked

How do you Deal with Unmotivated “Bosses” at Work? 7/3/08 Today’s Horoscope: Someone you are working with needs to learn some flexibility skills — they are being too rigid, and their stubbornness could be giving you a bad reputation within the larger group. So like it or not, you’re going to have to turn on… Read More