Confronting Employees: Unmotivated

I was a college student who just happened to have the highest seniority in a store that had endured (barely) without a manager for nearly eight months.  I held no training, really in anything, considering I honestly had originally only intended this to be a part-time summer gig; a first and only intended experience in the world of retail.… Read More

Unlikely Lessons From an Unlikely Manager

November 2008 It had been two months since I had fired my own manager, Matt, when I received a phone call from my DM.  There had been three applicants for the manager’s position, one, in particular, had been a lead contestant for the position.  He seemed clean-cut, young, professional arriving in a full suit for… Read More

Taking a Bite Out of Crime

February 2010 Thursday morning was not my average Thursday, much less day of any kind. The store was opened forty minutes late due to my (ex) employee’s failed attempts to contact anyone about her sudden sickness. I was alone, and thrown off guard when I had shown up early to work to find the lights out in… Read More

Freaky Friday: The Foot Fetish

Even after my ex-husband and I had been separated for a couple of years I still wore the toe ring from our wedding on my second toe on my left foot.  I wore it for nostalgia of a fun day, a forever friendship, and so I didn’t forget I still needed to motivate myself to file the… Read More

Useless Pondered Ideas & Hypocrisy

September 2008 His dark jet black hair fell over his hazel eyes that appeared radiant against his pale alabaster complexion.  He held his hands to his mouth, fingers outstretched, revealing 8 sparkling Stainless Steel rings scattered amongst his knuckles.  He would pace to and fro before the register while his digits danced before his lips, creating a rhythmic… Read More