Target’s New Concept: The Myths, The Facts, and My Opinions

The Overall Concept Summary Target is no stranger to the retail struggle as they have experienced a decline in sales since the first quarter of 2015.  And when facing deficits for three quarters straight, long term believers need to hear solutions.   So at Shoptalk they announced their plans for a full new fresh store… Read More

Weekend Run Down #5

Hello Dearest Readers and a Happy Weekend to You All! So we have officially been amongst the “Mickey Mouse Mafia” for a month this weekend and are finally feeling a little more settled.  So of course, this upcoming Wednesday we will turn around and head out again to Texas.   The little shops and I will… Read More

Who could be Kmart’s Unexpected Hero?

In 1888 Richard Warren Sears and Alvah C. Roebuck released their first catalog.  A catalog that would come to represent the great revolution of the American Dream for the next century.   A simple watch handler was able to provide affordable and available products to farmers in rural areas that did not have the option… Read More

Service with a Smile

After the beatings of a sadistic Monday we don’t typically venture out of the house, but due to some circumstances in the home we were forced to Target to pick up some necessary items to once again treat our house for bugs.  I don’t typically write about my own family under my Shop Girl alias… Read More