What A Difference My Barnes and Nobles Makes

What a difference a customer experience makes.

A Princess Castle To Call Our Own

“They really need to cut that hedge,” I complained as I tried to bolt across the small side street that runs just in front of our Barnes and Nobles.  “Oh my gosh, the parking here,” as I turn the corner.  “Of Course, any spots close to the entrance are taken,” I offer to drop off my grandmother, who is now 89 this month, at the front door before taking the girls and seeking out our own handi-capable slot elsewhere.  “It’s always this bad,” I moan.

My teeth grind, holding my tongue as the girls are in the back with an uproarious chant, “Book store!  Book store!  Book store!”

I wrestle with the girls to drag them out of the car.  I practically toss Baby K over my shoulder and take a firm grip to Li’l A’s wrist just to avoid any casualties in the parking lot.  The stress and tension…

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That Time At ThinkGeek When I left Without Buying What I Wanted

Orange County is one of those awesome spots that texts you when it's your turn at the DMV; This gives you room to wander, and wastes less time sitting around in a stuffy and overcrowded waiting area.  With the kids under the care of a babysitter I embraced my three hour wait wandering the Florida Mall without children … Continue reading That Time At ThinkGeek When I left Without Buying What I Wanted