Lush Mission Statement

As most of you may know I do craft my own bath bombs, bath salts, and bubble bath and sell them at craft fairs, so it really surprised a friend of mine when I expressed a large interest in the hopes that Lush would open their own location here.  “Why would you want that,” she… Read More

My First Alabama Craft Fair

This past Saturday I participated in my first craft fair in over two years.  As of Saturday I was officially 10 days from Due Date (yes it has been moved up dramatically) for my second sweet girl, and at the last craft fair I was only two weeks out from having Aislyn, must be something… Read More

Sinking Serenity

Synchronized unemployment within a month of one another was not the plan.  Our daughter was not due for another four months when my very successful fiancé put in his two weeks notice as regional VP of a large multi-billion dollar company to return to a small company that he had reigned as COO in the past that was… Read More