A Few Tips on Handling “Neglectful” Parents & “Misbehaving” Children in your Store

I was in H&M at Baybrook Mall sifting through the children’s racks for an entire wardrobe for my stepson’s visit last summer.  In my hip I had my daughter, and to my side stood my four year old step son.  I was not finding the selection I normally did and as I took a moment… Read More

Working at a Pet Store: It’s a One-Eyed Hamster’s World

Hello dear readers of the Shop Girl Anonymous Blog! Jess has given me this wonderful opportunity to post as a guest using a little known technique called “Guest Posting” so that I may educate, enlighten, and entertain you using my experience as an Associate, and then Team Leader of one store in a large chain… Read More

7 Signs of a Great Retail Employee

Originally posted on Retail Recalls:
1. They’re always happy You don’t look at them and think, “Man, they hate their job”. No, you make eye contact with them. They make eye contact with you. They smile so bright and greet you as if you are one of their best friends. 2. They acknowledge you as…

Q & A: Ask Me Anything

I think this should be a fun activity with my followers and blogger friends.  In my blog I write to you mostly from the stand point of a confident manager, but for the first two or three years of retail I was just your “average joe” shop girl.  If it was terrible, cruel, and bitter… Read More

You’re a Sales Associate. Do You Know How Amazingly Important You Are?

You are the most vital gear in the entire build up of the company.  You and your sales team create the spirit squad for your company, with high energy and excitement for your product and what you do.  Without your amazing efforts your company would not be as prosperous as it is, your supervisors are… Read More