Wet Seal Mission Statement

Although Wet Seals Mission Statement is broken up into three parts I will focus on only one line, considering this is one liner Wednesday. We use the power of fashion and fun to help our girl express her individuality and fit in—while standing out. We always listen closely, keep it real, and offer our product… Read More

ThinkGeek Slogan

In honor of ThinkGeek embracing the world of brick and mortar I will honor them by sharing their hilarious catch phrase and encourage you to check out their incredibly unique product! “Stuff For Smart Masses” An active contributor to lindaghill’s One Liner Wednesday.

The Mall Workers’ Fellowship

I could see Mother Mall at the end of the hall, separated from the hullabaloo of the food court by the tempered glass that served as a wall to her small shop.  Behind the register with her silver hair glistening down to her shoulders her eyes are transfixed, behind the lenses of her glasses, on… Read More