The Blogger Recognition Award

I’m a little late for posting, but I want to thank Random Thoughts By Haya for kindly nominating me for this recognition.  Please visit her realm of the blog world after making your way through the remainder of the post. Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. Write a… Read More

Another Real Neat Blogger Award

A special thanks to Quintessential Habits for nominating me for the Real Neat Blogger Award:   My nominees (These are the top 5 sites I’m into now) are: The Plagued Parent Christina and Anthony’s blog captures family life in the US of this day an age beyond any family blog I have read before! The… Read More

Blogger Recognition Award

A blogger has a passion.  They slave away, work-smithing their hopes, trials, and inspirations into script only to press them into the the sea of the blogging masses in hopes that to someone our posts will shine out and come across to them as absolutely radiant.  This is why we create community, to support one another.  And… Read More