North Park Center in Pictures

Every mall can be inspiring.  Within each one there is a sea of history and story.  There are the faces of companies, and the visual stimulations spotted through glass.  There are offerings in the street from the strangers you’ll never meet.  North Park Center did not lack in its rich journey and design.  The lighting… Read More

Crate & Barrel May Be Changing Its Scene

Who could have imagined such scandal behind the pristine, picture perfect wedding registry hot spot that is Crate and Barrel?  When one reads a trend setter of American home goods retail is closing a major 4 story flagship property of 27 years in the highly trafficked Mag Mile of their hometown Chicago, a shop girl has got to… Read More

Bass Pro Shop Mission Statement

I know y’all couldn’t have assumed this on your own, but I can’t stand the idea of camping.  It’s not the nature, or the quiet.   And it’s particularly not the detox from technology, no I’d greatly welcome that.   My entire disdain around camping revolves around the toilet. I need that porcelain throne to relieve… Read More

One Liner Wednesday- Path to Leadership

“Build your reputation by helping other people build theirs.” Anthony J. D’Angelo A Lesson in Leadership #1 This is exactly how I swiftly made my way up the corporate ladder myself. Even if you are a sales associate just starting out, challenge yourself to make this your mantra this week (whatever week this is you… Read More

One Liner Wednesday

“A man without a smiling face should not open a shop.”  -A Chinese Proverb Response to LindaGHill’s One Liner Wednesday I know this week I have been updating more than normal, but after reading all the other entries I could not resist taking part!  Reflective post on this proverb to come soon…perhaps next week?  I… Read More