It’s My Birthday!

Good Day My Amazingly talented Fellow bloggers, my patiently kind readers, and my ever so shy Facebook followers: If you had not caught on by the title, it’s my birthday today!  I’m officially 24 again!  And again, and again!  A girl can dream right??  No really, I ran into a young man in a cramped… Read More

Nominated Again for Liebster

Thank you so much to Entry Level Expert for my nomination for the Liebster Award. As this is my fourth Liebster Nomination, and my second award nomination this week alone, I will kindly answer the questions and refer you back to the Liebster post or the Creative Blogger Award in order to see some amazing… Read More

Liebster Award

***Additional nominations added, please scroll to bottom.*** Yes, that’s right, little ol’ me was nominated for a Liebster Award, one of those silly, simple little things that really means so much.  Thank you Josh Wrenn & Lynn K Scott for the nominations!  I feel like a lucky belle with two dates to the ball!  😉 Here… Read More