Hurricane Harvey: The Facts That Matter

  I sat on the phone with my best friend from childhood, she was alone with her nearly two year old son and seeking counsel.  Her voice was strong, but I could hear the tinge of concern in it, while I am a Houston ex-pat, this would be her first ever real hurricane to endure.… Read More

Stop Calling Them Sheep

There is no denying the polarizing divide that has hit this nation since the course of the election.  Republican versus Democrats morphed into Hillary VS Trump which then resulted in this violent outburst of the ‘MAGA’ Tribe VS The ‘Not My President’ Tribe.  We are divided by ideals, by our news stations, and have allowed… Read More

What is the Cost of an Increase in Minimum Wage to a Minimum Wage Employee?

There is no question about it, minimum wage is not enough to help U.S. families out of poverty, there is an incredibly audible outcry for change. So let’s talk numbers. How much of a raise do you feel you need?  Some picketers hold signs asking for 15 dollars an hour; but let’s alter the reality… Read More

An Introduction And “Empathy”

Hey fangirls and fanboys! Shop Girl’s Baby (all grown up) Bro has started a blog.  You may remember me mentioning him in my blog once or twice like when discussing lay offs and the mall in my childhood? My brother, who sits at a news desk all day, always offers unique insight on the issues… Read More