Etsy- Breathing Life Back Into Shopping

For those who are not yet familiar, Etsy is an amazing e-commerce platform that provides an easy and affordable virtual market for artists, artisans, and collectors to connect their unique products with their own unique customers worldwide. Over the course of 12 years some of these artisans that started out selling a few beads here… Read More

PetSmart: Taking A Bite At The Competition

Self-Starter has seemed to take over the pet supply market; even standing #1 over the unstoppable retail giant (::gasp:: egads!).  PetSmart knows they need a stronger online presence to survive in the future; though the work to build an online presence that could compete with online giants like chewy and Amazon is a long road… Read More

O-Reilly’s Takes Us Back To The Future

Made an F on that test?   Put your foot in your mouth one too many times?  Missed the final question as a contestant on Who wants to be a Millionaire? O’Reilly’s understands and has you covered: See, even auto parts stores can have some character!!  Listing is found here. Special Thanks to Gary for… Read More

Apple Educates Customers about Shopping Online

So Apple Watches release this month, and despite all the efforts to retrain their staff for this epic event, Apple has issued a letter this week letting staff know that they do not want to encourage customers to purchase watch in-store but instead online. Those of you who have kept up with my blog may understand why,… Read More

7 Reasons to Visit Your Local Brick and Mortar Stores

It is believed by some extremists that internet shopping will be the end of all Brick and Mortar locations.  They might as well stand on the street corner with their pitchforks and  slandering signs shouting out “The End Is Near!”  I’m not one of these extremist  but I am very strongly a believer of shopping… Read More