ThinkGeek Slogan

In honor of ThinkGeek embracing the world of brick and mortar I will honor them by sharing their hilarious catch phrase and encourage you to check out their incredibly unique product! “Stuff For Smart Masses” An active contributor to lindaghill’s One Liner Wednesday.

Toys “R” Us Mission Statement

Joy-Easy-Fair-Expert  (They almost spelled Jeff…you know the giraffe) Part of Lindaghills One Liner Wednesday “It is our mission to bring JOY to the lives of our customers, whether they are kids or kids at heart. To achieve this, we are dedicated to making our stores easy to shop, serving as experts in the toy and baby products… Read More

Five Guy’s Mission Statement

“We are in the business of selling burgers.” The best one I’ve come across yet! And now I’m starving!  Meet me for some delicious Cajun Fries and Milkshakes around two? k?  k. Let’s talk: what’s your favorite five guys toppings? All a part of a lindaghill Wednesday Tradition: One Liner Wednesday  Disclaimer: I do not claim the… Read More

Starbucks Mission Statement

“Our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.”Apr 9, 2013 While out running errands today I stopped into Starbucks for my daily afternoon pick me up.  I always drive thru as I normally have the girls, but today I found myself in the… Read More