A Week At North Park

Today concludes the week (and then some) 100% dedicated the the legendary North Park Center of Dallas, TX.  I could probably dedicate a month to this mall alone, and I’m sure I’ll find myself revisiting further dedicated weeks to this mall in the future. Through Instagram and a week of blog posts, every post could… Read More

7 Wonders You Never Knew About North Park Center

North Park Center is one of the most premier shopping venues in the country.   The attention to detail is unfathomable, the shopping selection is first-rate, and the art is riveting.   North Park is perhaps one of the top attractions you MUST see in Texas (second only to the Alamo); and those are big words… Read More

Anonymity in Retail

Six Hammering Men These men represent the mall machine and their arms the monotonous routine.  Their simple movement is consistent  not conformed to the duplicated trade agent  but the shifting structure as a whole. Their hearts the gears and arms the metal; They are monotonous and eternal.  The mall; a looped track on turn over;  An operation of shrouded loss and return.  The shifting… Read More