8 Simple Steps Towards Professional Success

Utilize Your Network Make sure you are maintaining your network, don’t just phone a friend when you are in a crisis, but instead be present periodically without ulterior motives.  Keep an ear out for any connections an acquatinance or friend may have in any particular career paths you may find interest in. Use your network to build up… Read More

Liebster Award

***Additional nominations added, please scroll to bottom.*** Yes, that’s right, little ol’ me was nominated for a Liebster Award, one of those silly, simple little things that really means so much.  Thank you Josh Wrenn & Lynn K Scott for the nominations!  I feel like a lucky belle with two dates to the ball!  😉 Here… Read More

The Original Linked In: What is the Point of Networking?

Headhunting is no foreign idea to the retail and sales trade, as a matter of fact I cannot think of a more obvious opportunity for you to put yourself out there and prove your skills to hundreds or even thousands of strangers (or potential colleagues) a week.  I cannot count the amount of times I was asked… Read More