Zara- My Dark Little Secrets

I have a confession, a strange and crazy confession, one that will absolutely blow your mind and shake your entire world.   Perhaps I’m over hyping it, perhaps you won’t think it’s a big deal, but considering the perspective that I’m a retail blogger in a Zara obsessed world perhaps you will agree, this is… Read More

Weekend Rundown #9

Hello Dearest Readers and a Happy Weekend to You All! And as the month draws to an end so does the #AtoZchallenge.  It’s a bittersweet day, I’m proud of my achievement:  making it throughout the entire month despite not even really setting out to do so.   I’m also glad for some of the new… Read More

The Power of ShopGi-tivity

As a shop girl I was not only the face of the company I represented but an important brick in the wall of my local community.  This considered, those who work in grocery stores, Wal-Marts and Cost-Co stocking the aisles have the power to move mountains!  Don’t you believe me? I wore more bracelets than a gypsy and… Read More

Barnes & Nobles Mission Statement

“To operate the best omni-channel specialty retail business in America, helping both our customers and booksellers reach their aspirations, while being a credit to the communities we serve.”   It is not difficult to be a book store and make a difference in a life.   Your shelves are full with life altering material, filled with enlightenment… Read More

My Quest for “Career Bliss”–Yes, it Exists!

a guest blog post by shopgirl of     My daddy could sell ‘ice to an eskimo’, or so I was told.  Growing up, I remember my daddy was a jovial person.  He … Source: My Quest for “Career Bliss”–Yes, it Exists!