What is the Cost of an Increase in Minimum Wage to a Minimum Wage Employee?

There is no question about it, minimum wage is not enough to help U.S. families out of poverty, there is an incredibly audible outcry for change. So let’s talk numbers. How much of a raise do you feel you need?  Some picketers hold signs asking for 15 dollars an hour; but let’s alter the reality… Read More

This Week in Retail #2: Popeyes robbed, Democrats Rally for Minimum Wage, and Girl Scout Cookies at Target

1. Target Sells Out Photo: Jay Reed Target ruled the retail news world the entire beginning of the week as it’s special Lily Pulitzer collection sold out on Sunday morning in the matter of hours.  Customers were outraged, accusing Target of being unable to handle such a collection.  But this is the way the ball bounces… Read More