Toys “R” Us Mission Statement

Joy-Easy-Fair-Expert  (They almost spelled Jeff…you know the giraffe) Part of Lindaghills One Liner Wednesday “It is our mission to bring JOY to the lives of our customers, whether they are kids or kids at heart. To achieve this, we are dedicated to making our stores easy to shop, serving as experts in the toy and baby products… Read More

Garden Ridge to At Home

This weekend was the grand opening of our At Home location in my hometown.  Growing up Garden Ridge was a big deal, especially as a child it just had oh so much to offer.  As an adult I still loved to visit, they have everything you never knew you absolutely needed.  There are so many… Read More

The Children’s Place Incident:: Tragic Birthdays

It was the week of Thanksgiving and we were in Houston visiting family when I realized I only packed dress up clothes for my (soon to be at the time) two year old daughter and she had no play clothes to get messy in in the daytime with her brother.  So a girlfriend and I… Read More

10 Reasons I Love Beach Locations

If I were single with no children I would manage my own retail location along a beach.  I have managed other tourist locations in other places, but there is nothing quite like a beach, especially one with a nearby cruise terminal.  I remember when I was a store level manager we always held our conference calls on… Read More


It was a cold October morning and it was the first day of my first Big Sale in retail.  My district manager came in with a merchandiser from corporate, her hands waving above her head “Where are my beautiful signs?!” Frustrated, “I’ve been sending you at least an email a day for three weeks letting… Read More