A Grand Proposal

Two movies that have always captivated me are Shopgirl and You’ve Got Mail.  It was intriguing to me, the uniqueness of both heroines, and the simplicity of their shopgirl lives.  It never occurred to me that I too would ever develop a strange admirer of my own, much less quite the list.  Even more distant was the fathomable… Read More

The BOA Will Take You Down!

It was past closing time on the first day on the floor for one of my new trainees in Sedona.  I was reviewing the shutting down of registers as our final family of customers took their time about the store finding the perfect souvenir for each family member.  When they made their way to the… Read More

What it Means to be Present in Your Store

It was my first Black Friday as store manager and I strolled into the shop around 1 or 2 in the afternoon.  I noticed a 17 year old pimple faced boy with a sideways cap cross my path as I made my way to the back room.  He was holding in one hand a mini… Read More

Freaky Friday: The Foot Fetish

Even after my ex-husband and I had been separated for a couple of years I still wore the toe ring from our wedding on my second toe on my left foot.  I wore it for nostalgia of a fun day, a forever friendship, and so I didn’t forget I still needed to motivate myself to file the… Read More