Common Core: Are We Finally Teaching Our Children to Think?

When the No Child Left Behind Act was signed in 2002, Bush signed it with the greatest of intents to make our education system great for everyone.  It was supposed to hold the schools accountable, no matter their neighborhood, to the same standards.  The idea, though a bit communistic, was desperately needed for the sake of the ignored… Read More

Reflections on the Number 200

Two years ago I was sitting with a mom group after a trip to open gym at our local gymnastics spot.  Very new to the group they asked me about myself.  I let them know I was working on writing a book about retail.  They looked at me and smiled, “Oh so you keep a… Read More

Children and Retail

As I was walking the sales floor on a beautiful summer day in our Sedona location  a young girl, maybe 6 or 7 approached me with a belly dancing sash that tied around your pants.  It was a loud hot pink with three rows of flimsy silver coins that captured the light beaming in from the… Read More