Exposing the Unexpected Revolution and Recreation of a Shop Girl

Why I Started Shop Girl: In February of 2013 I received the dreaded yet anticipated call from my boss; she was inviting me back to the company I had loved since my childhood, and had dedicated my entire being to for the preceding five years.  It was one of the most difficult decisions I ever had… Read More

The Mall and My Youth

Growing up our family frequented malls.  When we adventured to new places, we skipped allot of natural tourist spots such as the worlds largest ball of yarn and the side of the road worlds best bar-b-que and opted for a day at the mall.  To us a mall was not only free, but it was… Read More

Common Core: Are We Finally Teaching Our Children to Think?

When the No Child Left Behind Act was signed in 2002, Bush signed it with the greatest of intents to make our education system great for everyone.  It was supposed to hold the schools accountable, no matter their neighborhood, to the same standards.  The idea, though a bit communistic, was desperately needed for the sake of the ignored… Read More