Coffee Shop Blogging Meet and Greet

Welcome to the Shopgirl’s Coffee Lounge!  Please feel free to make yourselves at home. There is an undeniable connection that can be made in a blogging community if you open yourself up to it.  We make connections that sometimes delve deeper than the bond we have with a dearest “real world” friends.  Wether the relationship… Read More

Shopgirl Photo Challenge

It’s Food Court Cravings Friday and you know what that means…it’s time to post your favorite shot from any food court.  It doesn’t matter if you are a Blogger, Twitter user, Facebook User, or Instagram user, there are ways for you to play! Rules are simple: 1. Pics need to be taken in a food… Read More

Behind the Scenes: A Shop Girl’s Blog Success

I’ve achieved an astounding amount of traffic over the course of the past three or four days, and first and foremost I would love to off a warm Texan “Howdy,” to my new readers to whatever corner’s of the Globe you may Reside: This of course was achieved through a straight 48 hours of blog-a-thon-ing… Read More

Shop Girl Favs

November is over, meaning the election is done, the turkey is eaten, and black Friday is complete.  As I surfed through blogs, Facebook, Instagram, and other various sources of social media I felt bombarded by negativity, and a definite divide.   Trump vs Hilton.  Racists VS The Rest of us (Seriously how is racism still a… Read More