News Done My Way: Week 38 Edition

Early Christmas To All! As according to the survey conducted by over labor Day Weekend there are 32 million Americans have started their holiday shopping, that’s nearly 15% of the population. It is best to shop early when you are having to juggle a budget or if you want to avoid the crowds.  Only… Read More

Shop Girl for Public Office 2020

I figure I don’t quite have the following to compete with Kanye for the popularity contest that was once known as a presidential election.  My boy ‘Ye is a real forward thinker, he won’t run for the presidency now but instead think for the future, in 2020.  But under the the first lady-ship of a Kardashian I don’t… Read More

News Done My Way: Week 36 Edition

7-Eleven Helps to Heat Up Date Night   Now, only in select cities, you can have the ultimate date night package and Hang Over Relief kit delivered right to your door.  My only real quandary is why is their home base of Dallas not included in the starting line up?!

An Open Letter to McDonalds

Dear McDonalds, The time I stopped partaking in your restaurant seemed to correlate about the time the rest of America joined me. At first I blamed my issues on our move to Huntsville, AL. For whatever reason it seems the McDonald’s here have a thing against indoor play places, and the one McD’s in town… Read More

Afforable tofu and fresh produce, renewed sales tactics, personal soles, and Hamburgulars…

1. Whole Foods Will Soon Be Offering Affordable Organic Food Whole Foods is opening a more affordable branch of store to target their younger shoppers.  They say the new chain will cost less to operate and be “technology oriented”, which tells me more computers, and smart watches; less jobs and customer service.  They are  presently seeking… Read More