Shop Girl’s Year in Review and Resolutions

I must admit that this Shop Girl has been absent for quite the majority of 2016.  With family issues ranging from lay offs, and the health complications I had to leave my shop girl persona and focus on my household.   In September I slowly crept back into the scene, but I did not intend… Read More

Shop Girl VS Bloglovin’

I, a human blogger, created my Bloglovin’ account over a year and a half ago.  It perplexed me, it made me feel lost in the overwhelming void that may be felt of a tiny gold fish swimming amongst the sharks.   In hopes my readers who may be more experienced than myself would step up and help: I… Read More

How To Easily Master a Sales Approach to Blogging

Much like in sales, writing is all about working with your audience like you would with your customers.  It’s about a mission, attitude, demand, marketing, and goal achievemnet. Sticking to your Mission Statement… My original intent in starting this blog as most know is to promote my book series that I’m intending to self publish on achieving… Read More