5 Simple Tips to Extinguish Employee Burn-Out

It happens to everyone, even your brightest most valuable players will hit burn out every once and awhile. Although we would love to be the everlasting support and cheerleaders to every member of our team twenty four hours a day, seven days a week there will be times when our employee’s motivation may fall through… Read More

12 Aspects to Consider Before Choosing a Career in Retail.

Aspects to Celebrate: 1. Most small box stores do not open until about 9 or 10 a.m. meaning most mornings you will get to sleep in even if you hold the opening shift.  The long operating hours also grants more flexibility to accommodate those with atypical availabilities, or those who find a strict schedule too stifling.… Read More

Unlikely Lessons From an Unlikely Manager

November 2008 It had been two months since I had fired my own manager, Matt, when I received a phone call from my DM.  There had been three applicants for the manager’s position, one, in particular, had been a lead contestant for the position.  He seemed clean-cut, young, professional arriving in a full suit for… Read More

Shit Can Dan and The Mommy Manager

July 2010 “What do you mean you don’t have any employees helping you load the entire store into the storage unit,”  Auburn my DM cried into the phone.  I stood in the back of the medium sized U-Haul that we surprisingly crammed every last bit of product into the day before.  The hot 100 degree weather and… Read More

5 Kinds of Horrible Managers

I have been reading an excess of blogs on terrible management.  From my experiences, I was able to categorize the worst managers I had ever experienced and dwindle them down into five simple categories. 1.  The Superhero Manager Description:  This the manager who wants to do everything themselves. Typically their response will be something like,… Read More