Communication Binders

What does one use communication binders for?  I thought to myself as my district manager lightly covered some tactics other successful managers do.  As a teacher I wanted to avoid the use of these binders considering the ideas I had to utilize them for were eerily close to the ideas that I had for my… Read More

Communication: How to Give Feedback

Last Tuesday I discussed the importance of consistent feedback from management to employees, but I did not cover how to administer this feedback.  I once had an assistant who had an incredibly rash way of offering feedback to employees, most of her feedback was more damaging than helpful.  Frustrated I went to my extremely wise roommate at… Read More

5 Tips to Communicating the Importance of Tasks

Delegating tasks is an essential concept of the role of a manager.  As simple as it may seem (and it makes it that much more difficult to write this post), there are some very essential rules to follow when communicating tasks to your employees. –Make sure that the tasks are written down.  When you leave your… Read More

Creating Competency

Here we tread down slippery ground, one of the most difficult aspects of management to juggle, particularly in retail. We must get to know our employees on a personal level without befriending them.  But we must understand who they are to inspire them and to motivate them.  We must know what they need us to communicate… Read More

Communication: The Importance of Employee Feedback

Feedback lacked incredibly in my retail experience.  As an associate, manager, or even as a district manager consistent feedback was something I never received.  As a manager I would grow nervous so I would ask my DM, “am I doing a good job, I just don’t know.”  She would laugh, “trust me, if you were… Read More