What it Means to be Present in Your Store

It was my first Black Friday as store manager and I strolled into the shop around 1 or 2 in the afternoon.  I noticed a 17 year old pimple faced boy with a sideways cap cross my path as I made my way to the back room.  He was holding in one hand a mini… Read More

The Parables of Parents in Retail Vol. 1

It was a Thursday night when a very rushed and stressed out father, nicely dressed in dress pants and a button up shirt with tie, came in with his son and daughter.  The son was approximately 9 or 10 years old and the daughter around 6.  The father brought them over to our stone display,… Read More

The Mall that Cried Wolf

“They were screaming, ‘We have to get in the back, there’s a shooter,’ ” said one mom. -KHOU-11 Willowbrook Mall in Houston, TX was one of my first malls, at the cloudy to recall age of two.  I remember waffle fries and I remember lunches at Chelsea Street.  I remember the screaming of the 80’s… Read More

10 Quick Tips for Personal Safety in Retail

1. Talk to your manager about scheduling two employees every day after dark. 2. Never leave store premises to chase down a shoplifter, always call security first. 3.  Do not walk to your car alone at night.  If you work in a mall most security will escort you to your car free of charge. (invest… Read More