5 Things We Can Take From That Unicorn Frappuccino Craze

This Sunday marks the sour end of the whimsical craze that started this past Wednesday.   For 5 days that simply magical purple and blue beverage has consumed our Instagram feed, dominated twitter trends, and pissed off quite a few Facebook divas users.  But through all the chaos of glee, gluttony, and wrath comes five unanticipated concepts we can grow from.… Read More

A Grand Proposal

Two movies that have always captivated me are Shopgirl and You’ve Got Mail.  It was intriguing to me, the uniqueness of both heroines, and the simplicity of their shopgirl lives.  It never occurred to me that I too would ever develop a strange admirer of my own, much less quite the list.  Even more distant was the fathomable… Read More