Make a Mall Santa Survival Plan

“I don’t see why you sit through all that line just to torture your kid,” my best friend since childhood handed me back the photo of my two year old daughter screaming in Santa’s lap, with her four year old brother poised  and grinning against his side. For me it’s about when they are adults.  I don’t want… Read More

6 Etiquette Tips for the Powder Room Socializing in the Restroom: It’s a timeless laugh, why do women accompany one another to the restroom?  When God created Eve he granted all women with the gift of gab.   It’s our time to multitask, answer the call of nature, sanitize, and freshen up our appearance all without having to pause our flow in conversation,… Read More

The 6 Tricks To Nailing Your Job Interview That No One Ever Taught You

This one made me chuckle last week. I must say that you will start seeing less of me dear bloggers, as I have decided to be a grown up and got a standard 8-4 job. Time off of work will be prioritized and monopolized by my beautiful daughters…so…I will see you when I get a… Read More