Make a Mall Santa Survival Plan

“I don’t see why you sit through all that line just to torture your kid,” my best friend since childhood handed me back the photo of my two year old daughter screaming in Santa’s lap, with her four year old brother poised  and grinning against his side. For me it’s about when they are adults.  I don’t want… Read More

The Great Spewing: Clean Up Aisle 1

Tyler was a great employee in the sense that he was dedicated to the store, as dedicated as he could be from his level of exhaustion.  It was a Thursday night, the night I always had him scheduled with myself and our mutual dear friend Michael.  He walked in wearing the uniform from his retail… Read More

A Few Tips on Handling “Neglectful” Parents & “Misbehaving” Children in your Store

I was in H&M at Baybrook Mall sifting through the children’s racks for an entire wardrobe for my stepson’s visit last summer.  In my hip I had my daughter, and to my side stood my four year old step son.  I was not finding the selection I normally did and as I took a moment… Read More