Timing is Everything…

Driving down the road last month I noticed that the chain Learning Express was opening a new store only 10 minutes from my home.  How incredibly perfect, not only is it retail but it’s education based.  With my history in retail and my education in, well, education I was sure to nail down at least… Read More

6 Reasons Why I Won’t Hire You

It was this past November when an incredibly intelligent friend of mine posted a blog by a writer who had survived many trials.  Tragically, her Cobra insurance did not cover her cancer treatments leaving her owing thousands upon thousands.  To add insult to suffering her husband had left her with the children, with him left much… Read More

5 Simple Steps to Win Any Retail Job.

Hello wandering soul who has found themselves on my blog after a google search for retail jobs.  There are a few aspects to consider before taking the plunge.  But if you have considered all the pros and cons on this link and are still looking to persevere onto this fantastic journey then follow these tips.… Read More

Home Depot needs 80,000 new orange aprons

Home Depot is Hiring 80,000 new workers for the new season. Apply now, the application process takes about two weeks and they will want their new recruits hired and trained by March. Perks of Home Depot: Higher than average retail pay as a starting associate (Avg 11.74/hr) Rates an average of 3-4 stars on Glassdoor.com… Read More