Zara Uses Their Instagram Influencers to Influence More Than Just Their Shoppers

Disclaimer: Hyperlinks in this article do not transport you out of the Shopgirl Blogosphere, rather to more fascinating tidbits in it! International Fast Fashion brand, Zara, is gaining momentum rather than losing steam in this time of eCommerce shake-ups across the brick and mortar industry. Their commanding success is a result of much more than… Read More

The Case of the Blue Balls

Thursday nights were about preparing for the weekend, I wanted my store impeccable, and the biggest chore second to securing the Hookah count, was maintaining the massive inventory of Chinese Chi Balls.  Each with its own unique designs ranging from basic silver, to ornate golden knots on green, to crimson red Chinese symbols on a deep… Read More

Do You Have Any Star Wars Drones In Stock?

December 22nd 2016 10:00am ::Phone Rings:: Amber: Hello, thank you for calling Brookstone this is Amber, how may I help you? Me: Hi Amber, I know only three days to Christmas in a town full of engineers that this is a shot in the dark, but do you happen to have any Star Wars drones… Read More

Will your Inventory Handle the Holidays?

On an aimless wander about our tiny local mall I passed the knife shop that I had passed a hundred times before, but this time something new caught my eye. Something was uniquely different. In the front window sat an array of fashionable men’s grooming supplies such as a stone shaving cream brush and bowl… Read More

Relaying the Importance of an Organized Stockroom

January 20, 2011 At Conclusion of Inventory: 12:15 a.m. I have had this scattered jumbled mess surrounding me. The backroom organized by employs in ways that seem to me to make no sense. The displays merchandised in a very cluttered or unorganized manner. No matter how I seem to communicate it there seems to be… Read More