How Does a Whole Foods Employee Feel About the “Whole Amazon” Take Over?

It hit the headlines this past Friday that Amazon has acquired Whole Foods for 13.7 billion dollars.  A high price indeed for a company that has reported a loss in earnings for the past 6 consecutive quarters.  The buzz about the acquisition has stirred up rumors of cashier-less stands, junk food in stock, and dropping… Read More

The “School Marm” Moves up the Corporate Ladder Pt. 3

The Timeline of going from Sales Associate to District Manager in only 3 short years with an education degree goes a little something like this: June 2008: I’m hired as the only lowly sales associate in a store with no management. July 2008:  I tell my DM (1) at a store visit exactly what I… Read More

The “School Marm” Gets the Job In Retail Pt. 2

In efforts of finding a job upon my first husbands request the summer of 2008 I began dropping applications at all the area day cares, as I was studying education at the University.  The phone never seemed to ring, and I began to sift through the listings of craigslist when I came across a post… Read More

Q & A: Ask Me Anything

I think this should be a fun activity with my followers and blogger friends.  In my blog I write to you mostly from the stand point of a confident manager, but for the first two or three years of retail I was just your “average joe” shop girl.  If it was terrible, cruel, and bitter… Read More