6 Ridiculous Fashion Choices This Spring

I once thought 80’s had the most ridiculous outfits.  That combined with the imaginative visions form the 1980’s of the early 2000’s in Back to the Future were absolutely ridiculous.   I’d literally spare time in my prayers to thank God that, that horrifying era had passed just in time for me to become aware… Read More

O-Reilly’s Takes Us Back To The Future

Made an F on that test?   Put your foot in your mouth one too many times?  Missed the final question as a contestant on Who wants to be a Millionaire? O’Reilly’s understands and has you covered: See, even auto parts stores can have some character!!  Listing is found here. Special Thanks to Gary for… Read More

7 Funny Side Effects Of Working Customer Service

So you’ve landed your first huge gig in the retail industry.   As you are obviously so excitedly preparing yourself for all the possibilities of this wondrous opportunity let me warn you there may be unexpected side effects. Queu musical montage of mid-life socialites leaping through wheat fields and paddling boats Random Public Outbursts I… Read More

Working at a Pet Store: It’s a One-Eyed Hamster’s World

Hello dear readers of the Shop Girl Anonymous Blog! Jess has given me this wonderful opportunity to post as a guest using a little known technique called “Guest Posting” so that I may educate, enlighten, and entertain you using my experience as an Associate, and then Team Leader of one store in a large chain… Read More

7 Signs of a Great Retail Employee

Originally posted on Retail Recalls:
1. They’re always happy You don’t look at them and think, “Man, they hate their job”. No, you make eye contact with them. They make eye contact with you. They smile so bright and greet you as if you are one of their best friends. 2. They acknowledge you as…