Yankee Candle for Mother’s Day

Not only does Yankee candle have 150 scents of which to choose that perfect scent for yourself or anyone you want to buy a gift from, they will even customize their candle jars now!  What a great gift for mom I thought! The process is easy, it can be done in store or online.  … Read More

The Power of ShopGi-tivity

As a shop girl I was not only the face of the company I represented but an important brick in the wall of my local community.  This considered, those who work in grocery stores, Wal-Marts and Cost-Co stocking the aisles have the power to move mountains!  Don’t you believe me? I wore more bracelets than a gypsy and… Read More

Will your Inventory Handle the Holidays?

On an aimless wander about our tiny local mall I passed the knife shop that I had passed a hundred times before, but this time something new caught my eye. Something was uniquely different. In the front window sat an array of fashionable men’s grooming supplies such as a stone shaving cream brush and bowl… Read More

May Day, I’m in the Hospital

It’s May Day, as a child I was taught simply, “May Day is a day that you do something nice for someone”.  I always found it a bit funny that May Day followed April Fools Day by exactly a month.   Almost as if the world was like, okay, we gave you a day to freely… Read More