My Part in Aeropostale’s Fall

Below is an article I wrote a year and a half ago (March 25, 2015) on the crumbling foundations of teen retailers, with a focus on Aeropostale.   This past week as I visited four malls in Houston, TX I felt repercussions of their struggles.  Although in reality only a little over a quarter of their… Read More

Daydreamer Challenge Day #5: Keeping Track of your Goals and Achievements

Each morning when we walk into our job we should know what we are to accomplish that day, that week, and that month.  What is the big picture, what are our goals?  Does your manager communicate your goals to you?  Is it a monetary number that was carefully crafted and computed by some corporate sales… Read More

Dear Customers, We Want Your Feedback

Customer Complaints have dated back to the dawning of time, no seriously pictured above is a customer complaint about the poor quality of purchased copper, and the demand for a refund from 1750 BC.  Listening to the concerns and satisfaction of our customers is how a company gauges its ongoing training and keeps up with the… Read More

Communication: How to Give Feedback

Last Tuesday I discussed the importance of consistent feedback from management to employees, but I did not cover how to administer this feedback.  I once had an assistant who had an incredibly rash way of offering feedback to employees, most of her feedback was more damaging than helpful.  Frustrated I went to my extremely wise roommate at… Read More