JCPenney- 3 Indicators They Aren’t Ready to Turn Out The Lights Just Yet

As I have made my way driving across the northern regions of the great state of Texas, I’ve passed several small towns celebrating their JCPenney Store’s centennial.  What an amazing part in history retail plays, and the future is still incredibly bright.  “What is the future of retail,” I have been asked by each and every… Read More

H&M- Cleaning Up Their Act With Poop

When I first read about Fast Fashion Giant H&M replacing the fibers of their clothing from cotton to cow manure and grapes it left me with so many questions, even after reading the write up presented by Forbes. Wait a minute, what do the fibers have to do with anything?! I thought chemicals in dyes… Read More

FYE- Nostalgic to Hip

Sam Goody, Hastings, FYE, what a perfect Flashback Friday this will be.  Think back to the mall in 1997:  making your way to the hottest spot in the joint…the music shops.  Rows of CD’s, Vinyls, and Cassettes to pilfer through, so many melodies to discover.   Who didn’t spend hours with their friends sharing the… Read More

Retail Armageddon: 4 Reasons Amazon is Not to Blame

It was the epidemic I wrote about in my first blog; the retail armageddon that very few else seemed to see coming.   Recently as I’ve been reporting on all the mass store closings of 2017, from brands we as a country took for granted as pillars of our society I’ve been receiving feedback on some… Read More

Exposed: 3 Reasons Direct Sales is not Small Business

As a Shop Girl I completely support anyone willing to dive into direct sales.  After all, it is the gateway drug into strategic sales and job opportunities where charisma is key.   It forces the consultant to step out of their comfort zone and stand for something without having to put their family’s livelihoods on the line.  Reps are granted the flexibility… Read More