5 Ways Gucci Sets Out To Change the World

Gucci’s Mission Statement may be as simple as to become the leader in luxury market at worldwide level but their actions speak much louder than these words as they are not only a world wide leader in luxury but in love and change as well. Entering the Gucci state of mind can be quite an… Read More

TreeHouse: Climbing To New Sustainable Household Heights

Have you heard about this new eco-friendly focused home improvement retailer? Being An Environmentalist Growing up as a Millennial I spent days upon days, years upon years in schools watching video after video of children in foreign countries wading in waters doused in chemicals.  We saw images of filth and trash lining their streets.  … Read More

5 Exciting New Developments At IKEA

The world seems to have a love/hate relationship with IKEA…either you LOVE them or you HATE them.  Me personally?  I’m quite a fan of the fun and elaborate showroom.  Who doesn’t love great prices, unique embellishments and meatballs?! Easy Assemble/Disassemble Furniture The second biggest complaint I hear when discussing an IKEA avoider is the time… Read More

H&M- Cleaning Up Their Act With Poop

When I first read about Fast Fashion Giant H&M replacing the fibers of their clothing from cotton to cow manure and grapes it left me with so many questions, even after reading the write up presented by Forbes. Wait a minute, what do the fibers have to do with anything?! I thought chemicals in dyes… Read More