Blog-aholic Award

I was nominated for the Blog-aholic Award by the gorgeous and talented Beauty and the Ballroom.  If you have not checked out her blog, I strongly suggest it, her adventures in ballroom dancing and day to life are not only enchanting, but her support as a member of the blogging community is met by very few.… Read More

My First Alabama Craft Fair

This past Saturday I participated in my first craft fair in over two years.  As of Saturday I was officially 10 days from Due Date (yes it has been moved up dramatically) for my second sweet girl, and at the last craft fair I was only two weeks out from having Aislyn, must be something… Read More

Shop Girls Have Dreams

“It sounds like a stripper name,” my family teased when I announced at the young age of 15 that I dreamed of opening my own aromatherapy shop named “Scent of Serenity”.    It seemed so romantic, I pictured something like the shop from the movie Chocolat, a long glass display case lining the extent of the… Read More