Weekend Run Down #10

Hello Dearest Readers and a Happy Weekend to You All! Things have finally settled down, it feels like it’s been months…perhaps because it has!  I’m finally gaining back the time to really sit down and enjoy connecting with my favorite blogs on WordPress!  See below some great posts I’ve found around, spread the love. The… Read More

6 Essential Questions To Your Direct Sales Success

Becoming a Direct Sales Rep is a great venture to sign on for in order to make some side hustle cash, and possibly achieve a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.  With the economy booming, and customers preferring to shop local or online, there is no better time to offer the convenience of your shopping experience through… Read More

Is This Direct Sales Company Swindling Its Reps?

But oh my gawd, the leggings!! Lu La Roe is a direct sales sensation that has spread over the troves of plus sized beauties and millennial moms.   The limited and random distribution of product variety has proven Disney’s common place practice of “artificial scarcity” to span its success rates to companies of all types. As… Read More

Exposed: 3 Reasons Direct Sales is not Small Business

As a Shop Girl I completely support anyone willing to dive into direct sales.  After all, it is the gateway drug into strategic sales and job opportunities where charisma is key.   It forces the consultant to step out of their comfort zone and stand for something without having to put their family’s livelihoods on the line.  Reps are granted the flexibility… Read More

9 Extremely Easy Tips to Succeed in Direct Sales

So Last Ways and Means Wednesday we discussed the early stages of choosing a Direct Sales Company to commit to.  Now how do we make that commitment become a success? 1.  First Schedule 3-5 killer upfront parties (one in the family, one for work friends, one with your bestie) to announce your big new commitment and… Read More