Minimalism In The Midland Park Mall

The Renovation View this post on Instagram I remember when this space had ivy lined fountains filled with glistening ripples reflected off the mirrored ceilings. The magic magnified at Christmas as stings of light hung from the ceiling. In this space was a sense of adventure and wonder, but that was the mall of yesterday,… Read More

A Week With The South Plains Mall in Pictures

Discover the dish on South Plains Mall of Lubbock TX through a week on my Instagram feed.  Every week this Shopgirl features a new mall on her Instagram feed, one photo a day.  Below is what you missed on Instagram this week: The New Feel: Many malls seem to be going for the minimalist meets modern… Read More

Restoration Hardware’s Super Secret Sale

It was reported recently that RH CEO Gary Friedman has cut the price of his modest Napa Valley home (I zigged when I should have zagged somewhere on my retail climb).   You look at the beautiful product, and you know, with a just a few quick charges to the credit card and a second or third… Read More