Amazon Prime Now- Shopgirl has turned to the Dark Side

“Shit,” it slipped out before I could even stop myself.  I stared up at the glowing red bullseye from the drivers side window as Mr. R made the final touches on the great restraining of baby K’s car seat.  “We forgot the diapers.”  It was the entire reason we had embarked on this journey with… Read More

Zara- My Dark Little Secrets

I have a confession, a strange and crazy confession, one that will absolutely blow your mind and shake your entire world.   Perhaps I’m over hyping it, perhaps you won’t think it’s a big deal, but considering the perspective that I’m a retail blogger in a Zara obsessed world perhaps you will agree, this is… Read More

Quiksilver: A Gnarly Opportunity In The Desert

I grew up in the desert, the best we had for water were the occasional springs scattered across the small dried up towns. In college, there was a horrible draught that only added to that longing for any drop water.  Puddles in the gutter came off as glistening.   I was as thirsty as the decaying leaves… Read More

Mending Melancholy at the Mall

“Let’s indulge in some retail therapy.”  I’ve heard it so many times in jest, or I always assumed jest until recently when I came across an article by US News on the fact that it has indeed been proven that retail will alleviate symptoms of depression.  I do know for myself and my husband this is our… Read More