Daydreamer Challenge #7: Back to Day One

The idea of taking on the challenge was to reawaken my motivation to write and find some new inspiration after losing so much of my day to day traffic after Disney World (last time I’ll mention it I promise, as things have much improved).  I would stare at the screen and just think, I don’t… Read More

Daydreamer Challenge #3:: Getting to Know You

In the challenge today we are supposed to introduce you to a blog that we have come across during the challenge that we love. But I Smile Anyway… is a great blog with some quick easy reads (being a blogger with a reading disability this is always a plus) that are totally relatable about day… Read More

10 Reasons I Love Beach Locations

If I were single with no children I would manage my own retail location along a beach.  I have managed other tourist locations in other places, but there is nothing quite like a beach, especially one with a nearby cruise terminal.  I remember when I was a store level manager we always held our conference calls on… Read More