“The Customer is Always Right” – The Wrong Way to Provide Customer Service

Really unique perspective. Can’t say I 100% agree with it, but there are times when the associate holds a certain expertise in a subject matter, which then leads to us being able to better aid the customer. What do you think?

The BOA Will Take You Down!

It was past closing time on the first day on the floor for one of my new trainees in Sedona.  I was reviewing the shutting down of registers as our final family of customers took their time about the store finding the perfect souvenir for each family member.  When they made their way to the… Read More

10 Reasons I Love Beach Locations

If I were single with no children I would manage my own retail location along a beach.  I have managed other tourist locations in other places, but there is nothing quite like a beach, especially one with a nearby cruise terminal.  I remember when I was a store level manager we always held our conference calls on… Read More

Adjusting Your Customers to the Idea of Paying Full Price

The recession is coming to an end and it is time to make the shift of focus from promotions to raising that bottom line.  Just as discussed last Tuesday, change is inevitable and as the sales associate you are going to have to help customers with their frustrations as week long 40% promotions come to… Read More