Celebrity Status and Retail

“Johnny and Tim came in the store today,” I could hear his Joe Cool voice through Lydia’s receiver, though she sat a seat over from me. “Who are they,” Lydia had just been complaining to me about the love this keyholder from North Carolina had for himself.  Something about walking into the backroom and finding him… Read More

Think Geek Knows How to Party

I love events and games that bring customers closer together.   As a shop girl I had so many amazing customers, some I felt would get along.  The tea leaves reader would have had a blast talking to the stone reader; while I had five different jewelry makers who all very unique techniques to bring to the… Read More

Shopgirl and the Wiccan

Mall Goths, as they are most commonly referred, are an endangered species amongst the mall rat population.  Their rapidly dwindling numbers make the sighting almost picture worthy so that they may serve as a cautionary account for our future generations. It was February 2011 and I stood at the jewelry wall with my assistant, Clint, mindlessly stocking earrings.… Read More

Key Chains “R” Us

Mayfield was my first hire as a new manager, the best words I can think to describe him was a “cool cat”.  He spoke softly, but with strong convictions.  He believed in hard work, and wearing a dress in public did not disturb his masculine security.  He held deeply a passion for indie music, and taught me much… Read More